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Bandsawing is a fast effective way of cutting bars with stock size ranging from 1/2 inch to 16 inches.  This process uses a Bi-metal band type blade on our state of the art, fully automatic equipment.




Coldsawing uses a 12 inch diameter circular blade (much like a slitting saw) to "part off" the pieces to a precision length.  Besides holding close tolerances, this process produces tit free parts with a minimum burr, and a good finish on the cut surfaces.  Cameron Metal Cutting has built a reputation as experts in this process, as we have more coldsawing equipment than any other cutting service in Southern California.


 Non FerrousNon Ferrous


Non-ferrous high speed sawing utilizes a carbide tipped circular saw blade turning at 10,000 feet per minute.  this process produces precision burr free parts with a 62 micron finish, and it works well on aluminum, copper, brass and plastics.  Cameron Metal Cutting has four machines of this type, the largest has a capacity of 6 x 16 inches.